Tally Capital came to us from the United States, to build up a private investment firm’s branding and website. They have a portfolio of companies in the digital currency sector.

We’ve worked with the clients in previous engagements and it was a joy to work with them on this project.


We went with the imagery of the Chicago city landscape - as the firm is based in Chicago. But we chose only the top down, bird’s eye view, of the landscape. This brings out a potrayal of interconnectivity, a complex ecosystem of businesses and people in the city. And a network of roads that look very much like abstract digital streams.


Gold has been used for financial transactions since ancient times, so we selected that as their corporate colour to embody the essence of finance, onto the modern digital landscape.


We designed and developed their logo and website. We do this with a potential pathway to creating sub brands that carry the ‘Tally’ prefix in their company name.


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