The Chamber of Digital Commerce was set up in Washington as an authoritative representative for the digital commerce industry. Their goal is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets.

We worked with them to create a brand that embodies authority, and represents government and technology. We went through multiple iterations of logo concepts until the final design was achieved.


As part of the brand development, we created the business card and letterhead designs.

After we finalised the logo and brand story, we moved on to the creation of an investor pitch deck, as well as a marketing deck.

The Chamber's website was created with the same look and feel and theme that had already been injected into all the other collateral.

We make sure to keep the site updated with any news, press releases, campaigns and content that the Chamber has.


A quick turnaround time is key in such time-sensitive matters.

Lastly, we helped in making their social media platform look good.

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